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Anthroposophical Society in America

Greater Washington,DC, Branch


Recordings of Presentations:


'Let Freedom Ring - Reclaiming the Wisdom of Columbia - Folk Soul of America'

Hazel Archer-Ginsberg gave a zoom presenation from on May 14th.

The flyer for the event is available here.

Recording of 'Let Freedom Ring' presentation.


An  Easter Zoom talk by Rudiger Janisch

At the Festivals Group's invitation, Rudiger Janish gave the presentation

Easter: The Seed for a Future Fulfillment on April 18th.

See the flyer for the event here.

The recording starts a couple minutes into the talk with a description of the second seed.  The first seed has to do with what Kaspar Hauser is reported to have said according to the notes of George Friedrich Daumer: "Shortly after he appeared in the world, Kaspar Hauser once asked why, if Christ had risen from the dead, human beings couldn't also rise from the dead.  When we answered that this was because Christ was not only a human being, but also God, he replied that in that case, human beings should also learn enough to become God." 

Recording of Rudiger Janisch's talk

A Zoom Talk on March 30, 2022

The Turning Point in Rudolf Steiner’s Life
A talk  given over Zoom in honor of his death day,  by Rev. Patrick Kennedy

Recording of Patrick Kennedy's talk


Four Talks by Mary Stewart Adams:

At the Festivals Group's invitation, Mary Stewart Adams has given four talks over zoom over the last year on the festivals within the cycle of the year.  The links to the zoom recordings of these talks are below.

Holy Nights 2021-22

The Missing Element: The Human Being as Mediator between the World of Nature and the Stars

Recording of Holy Nights Festival Talk

Start 2:50 into video

The flyer for the talk is  here.

Preparing to Enter the Secrets of the Womb of the Earth - September 29, 2021

Recording of Michaelmas Festival Talk

The flyer for the talk is here.

The Season of St. John and the Cycle of the Year - June 24, 2021

Recording of St. John's Festival Talk

The flyer for this talk is here

Finding Easter in the Cycle of the Year - March 26, 2021

Recording of Easter Festival Talk

The flyer for this talk is here.

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